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Here are photos of our first big party.

The reason was to celebrate Karen's birthday
and it featured the inaugural gig of Calvin's excellent band,
"Two-Sheds Jackson".


Two-Sheds Jackson playing at the party.
From left to right: Calvin (Bass), Rob (Vocals), Jason (Drums), Andy (Keyboard) and Kenny (Guitar - behind the post)

2-Sheds Jackson


Another band shot.
This time you can just about see Kenny on the right.

2-Sheds Jackson


The Audience

The audience go wild.


The not so wild bit of the audience.

The Audience


Meanwhile the band gets moody...

2-Sheds Jackson Get Moody


The Groupies

...and the groupies get merry.


Duncan, the lighting engineer, doing an excellent job as always.

Duncan Wood (Lighting)


The band finishes, but the music carries on.

Lots of Dancing


Partying Outside

The party spills out into the night.


More party goers and on the left the portable toilets (very nice - posh soap, towels, mirrors the lot).

By the Loos


The Next Day

The next day - drying out a tent in the barn.