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We got married in our local church late July 2001 and had our wedding reception at our house, in a marquee outside the barn (and in the barn itself). The day was gloriously hot and everyone had a great time.
Anyway, here's our virtual wedding album, full of photos of the wedding day and our relatives and friends' deteriorating sobriety.
(Click on any photo to see it full size)



The marquee being erected in front of the barn.

The marquee being erected


Transforming the barn

Transforming the barn.


Karen and her bridesmaids at our house, before the wedding. (Back left to right: Maita, Nicola & Tracey. Front: Laura)

Karen and her bridesmaids


Karen and her dad

Karen and her dad, Bryan, before the wedding.


Arriving at the church.

Arriving at church


Taking vows

Taking our vows.


Signing the register.

Signing the register


Bridesmaids and page boy

The bridesmaids and page boy (James) outside the church.


The ones who went to the church


The traditional photo of the bride and groom with all those who went to the church.


The not-so-traditional photo of the bride and groom with all those who wouldn't fit in the church and so went to the pub instead.

The ones who went to the pub


Bride and men in suits

From left to right: Calvin's brother (and Laura and James's father), Gareth (usher), Karen's brother (and Tracey's husband), Karl (usher), Karen (bride), Calvin (groom) and Wayne (best man).

People milling around outside the church.

Milling around in the sun


Karen getting into the wedding car

Karen off for more photos on the village green.


Bride, groom and parents


A photo on the village green.
Left to right: Roy (Calvin's dad), Helen (Karen's mum), Karen, Calvin, Deirdre (Calvin's Mum) and Bryan (Karen's dad).


Calvin and his best man, Wayne, on the village green.

Groom and best man


Bride and groom

Us on the bridge over the village pond.


And back at the house doing a 'Titanic' impersonation in front of a very powerful fan.



Bryan's speech


Bryan's starting off the wedding speeches.


Calvin's speech.

Calvin's speech



Well, the guests seemed amused.


Wayne, telling outrageous lies about Calvin in the sixth form at school.

Wayne's speech

Top table

Listening to Wayne's speech on the top table.


A musical interlude


Wayne singing a Jake Thackray song as part of his best man's speech.


Cutting the cake.

Cake cutting


First dance

In the barn for the first dance.


Starting off the dancing to the Alien Ceilidh Co.

Starting off the ceilidh



Lots of people dancing.


Duncan perfoming emergency floor repairs in the barn.

Floor repairs



Meanwhile, outside people relax in the garden.


Even later - even more relaxed!



Bryan and his hat

Bryan's hat gets lots of attention.


The end of the night


The night draws to a close and some people are extremely relaxed!


Karen at the end of the night.

Karen calls it a day


Karen tidying up

And again, the next morning, starting the clearing up.


Helpers tidying


Fortunately help did arrive.


It was all a bit much for one of the younger guests (April - the best man's daughter).

April Holt