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These are pictures of the house when we bought it..
The decor was 'interesting'.


The Kitchen

The kitchen as it was when we moved in. Most of the worst problems were pretty well hidden.
(See the Problem Page)


The Dining Room.
Beautiful fake wood paneling!

The Dining Room


The Dining Room

Another shot of the dining room.
This time looking towards the kitchen.
Karen and our friend Maita inspect the decor.


Yet another dining room shot.
Gaze in admiration at the fake brick wallpaper and the nasty brick archway (without keystone)
that supports the floorboards above.

The Dining Room


The Lounge

Karen, Spencer and Maita view the lounge with disdain.


The rear of the lounge. Featuring shot double
glazing, furry curtains and flock wallpaper.

The Lounge


The Fireplace

We thought the fire place deserved a close-up shot. Don't you agree?


The master bedroom

The Main Bedroom


The Bathroom

The bathroom.
Complete with bouncy floor.
When the house was extended, the bathroom was built on the old attic joists. One day the bath was going to fall into the Kitchen.


The spare bedroom hadn't been used for years. That explains the peeling wallpaper, but there can be no explanation for the purple shag pile carpet.

The Spare Bedroom


The Back Bedroom

And finally the back bedroom. Another masterful combination of wall, curtain and carpet colours.