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The Kitchen Ceiling on the Drive

Here is a lovely shot showing the kitchen ceiling / bathroom floor sitting on the drive.


And here you can see the bathroom fittings in the back bedroom.

Bits from the Bathroom


No Kitchen Ceiling

A slightly surreal view of the bathroom taken from in the kitchen.


And now looking down into the kitchen from the bathroom.

No Bathroom Floor


New Bathroom Floor

A nice new floor in the bathroom!
This time made with correct sized timbers.


Unfortunately we couldn't afford the luxury bath suite we wanted. So in the mean time the old one had to go back in.

The Bathroom


The Kitchen Floor

Meanwhile in the kitchen, the old floor was being removed...


... and after a lot of digging and pouring concrete, adding through ventilation and damp proofing, a new kitchen floor.

The New Kitchen Floor


Calvin Bashing Things

Next the plaster had to be removed. At last a job that didn't need professionals, so Calvin got to bash things with a lump hammer.


Here is the kitchen waiting for the professionals to come back and plaster it.

An Empty Shell


A Plastered Kitchen

The kitchen after the plasterers had finished.


A year and a half of washing up in the bathroom sink later, and we're finally going to get our kitchen...

... First the floor is tiled and Karen gets to do a spot of painting.

Tiled and Painted


The Kitchen Units

The kitchen ready to be fitted.


James fitting the kitchen...

Fitting a Kitchen


The New Kitchen

...and finally the finished Kitchen.


In fact we're so pleased with the kitchen, here's another photo.

The New Kitchen


The New Kitchen

OK. We promise that this is the last shot of the new kitchen.

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