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The House

A view of the house, just after we bought it.


The front garden

The Front Garden


The Back Garden

The back garden.


Two knackered piggeries. One day there may be a walled garden in their place.

The Piggeries


The Barn

The Barn.
Should be good for parties!!!


Digging out the flower beds that
were blocking the sub floor ventilation and trapping the water draining
from the roof.

The Moat


Here's a shot of the piggeries. and the cartwheel gates.

The Piggeries and Gates


Inside a Pig Shed

And here's what the inside of a piggery looks like.


Piggery and barn in the snow.

Piggery and Barn in the Snow


These are the fields behind the house, looking particularly picturesque in the snow.

Fields in the Snow


The "curious" horses in the field in front of the house. If anything happens, they'll be there watching.

Curious Horses