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The Moat

Here we can see that the flower beds had been lain blocking the sub floor ventilation.


And here you can see the sort of rot problems this causes.
We had to replace a lot of the sub floor joists and floorboards and have extensive wood treatment done.

Lounge Problems


Front Door Problems

Similarly here, new boards had been lain covering the symptoms and not fixing the cause.
Looks like somebody got a surprise once as they stepped through the front door.


That was nothing compared to the kitchen. Half the floor was built on rubble. Worse was that the pipe from the old toilet that had been there before had not been capped and at some point the sewerage had backed up causing this mess.

Kitchen Problems


The kitchen floor was so bad that we decided to put a concrete floor in instead of the wooden one.
There were also problems with it's ceiling. It was once the floor of the attic and now supported a bathroom. It wasn't strong enough for this and had to be replaced. The plaster was in a pretty poor state too.
You can see the fun we had fixing it in the building work section.